‘Bruadair’ is a Gaelic verb meaning ‘to dream’ or ‘to vision’.

We want to live somewhere where we have the freedom to meet our own housing needs. With so many folk living in rented housing these days, those on lower incomes (usually doing the most essential work in society) are trapped into living in places where they have little say over the running of their home and any future vision of the places they live. This in turn impacts peoples’ creative work, relationships and community life.

Together, we dream of a place where we have the time and security to build and invest in long term projects; the freedom to make necessary changes to buildings and land to sustainably meet our needs; and where we can share resources, time and skills, while also having space for our privacy when we need it.

Lastly, we hope this project will be multi-generational. We want to create a safe and loving space for children and adults alike, which will continue to provide much more than bespoke housing to those who share this vision.

Dreams: Interests, Values, Ethics

We work towards a sustainable and resilient future. We want to have the space to grow our own food and craft materials and produce our own energy. We also aim to build sustainability into how we relate to one another and how we spend our time and resources.

Ethics and Ideology
We believe in fairness and equality, common ownership and the freedom to choose. We work with transparency and integrity with the aim of being as non-exploitative as possible.
We want to provide mutual support for each other in a way that is open source and without borders. We are activists because we’re aiming to provide a more holistic, cooperative, mindful and safe society for ourselves and to show that there is a better way of doing things.

Do It Ourselves
We develop our community so that it can meet its own needs according to our principles and help others to do the same. We believe this will contribute to a more empowered and resilient society.

Community is about sharing with one another in an inclusive and supportive way. We eat together, spend time together, grow together and live together. We want to provide a good home, security and a space to live as part of a network of like minded people.

Art, Creativity and Education
We educate ourselves and others. We try and do as much skill sharing as we can between ourselves so that we can support each other in our learning. We believe in lifelong learning and self education. We are creative in our approach and many of us are artists or makers.

Creating Change
We want to be a microcosm of a fair and equitive society, so we can take responsibility for building a better future for ourselves and others.

Physical: Building, Space, Community

We want an accessible space that is open to people of all ages and abilities. We want a strong sense of community, where we care about the space we share and the people we share it with.

We need acreage for growing space, as well as building studios and houses. We want there to be enough space that people can make a living working from the property, as well as to facilitate external events as part of a wider community.

Sustainability is important to us and we consider this when we think about our infrastructure. We want to think about growing our own building materials, collecting rainwater, sharing transport and building compost toilets. We are considering how to be off-grid by generating our own energy.

We want to be close enough to Edinburgh that people can commute but without having to compromise on the other things we need like space. Our preferences are to be away from major roads but near public transport links, to be at a lower altitude for a better growing season, to be near water and woodland/wild space and to have some land surrounding a main building.

We want to have a main communal building that will have a large kitchen, shared living space, workshops/studios and room to host events. We’d also like to have a library, visitor accomodation and other outdoor spaces like a playground, outdoor showers and cooking area.

Outdoor space
To be able to provide for ourselves we want gardens for vegetables, herbs, orchard and medicinal plants. We’d like to keep our own chickens, have our own polytunnels and have access to woodland for building materials and firewood.