We believe that the co-operative model is a great way to organise non-hierarchically. For us, having a network of like minded groups means we can share information, resources and skills easily and further the co-operative movement.

Other fully mutual housing co-ops near us:

Radical Scottish Co-ops Network

When we started on our co-operative quest a few years ago we struggled to find the information we needed to move forward. What we really needed was a network of co-ops and individuals within Scotland who were wanting to do the same things as us, but who maybe had a bit more know-how. We wanted a space to talk about co-ops and how they could work and share our experiences. Once we had constituted, we really wanted something like this to exist so we made a questionnaire which can be found here to try and work out what this space would look like. In the mean time, until we sort something out, Redcurrant Housing Co-op (we love these folks) have created a mailing list for Scottish radical co-ops to communicate about all things co-op. If your interested in being on this mailing list please click here.

Radical Routes

In 2018, we joined Radical Routes, which we’re really excited about. Radical Routes is a friendly network of co-ops made up of groups from across the whole of the UK. Their mains aims are to do with committing to creating positive social change, part of which involves helping new co-ops to get started. The idea is that collectively, we have a much bigger voice than we do as individuals. If you want to find out more about co-operatives, or how to start one this is a great place to start.
Other useful links to do with Radical Routes:
Rootstock – a social investment society created by Radical Routes to facilitate ethical investments into the co-operative movement. Rootstock has provided loans to enable many housing co-ops to get started.
Catalyst Collective – a worker co-op (and member of Radical Routes) who provide administrative support to co-ops and helped us get registered.