We’re currently looking for new members who are able to commit time and energy with enthusiasm to develop a land based co-operative community. Diversity is very important to us as it brings different perspectives, knowledge and wisdom to the group. We’re looking for people who can bring their own strengths and knowledge into building a community from the ground up. If you’d like to know more about joining Bruadair and the sort of things we get up to then please get in touch.


If you’d like to apply to join, please read the information below, and either fill out the online form below or download the application form at the bottom of the page, fill it out and send it to hello(a)bruadair(dot)coop(dot)scot.

Heres some more information about what we ask from our members:

  • Active participation – We are a grassroots organisation that has been built using our personal experience, research and a will to make our dreams reality. We’re looking for people who are willing to participate and learn as they go.
  • Support us – Just as we hope Bruadair will support you collectively, we would ask that you could actively support us in our co-operative, to use your strengths as an individual to benefit and care for the other members of the co-operative. Be passionate about co-ops and get other people interested in joining or starting a co-op.
  • Come to meetings – Meetings are a way that we can all get together as a community and at this point in time when we don’t currently have a shared house, our fortnightly meetings are so important, for social connection and to discuss the matters of the co-op. They maintain a regular insight into how people are doing and a platform for ideas to be presented , decisions to be made and bring us closer to Bruadair’s purpose. You will be asked to participate in our meetings, as well as convening, facilitating and minute taking on a rota basis at the meetings; training will be given.
  • Shared Vision – We all have a shared vision of how we want to live. This is not a dogma, but a belief in challenging our own prejudices and privileges, as well as an intention to live in a way that we believe in. We ask that all our members work on challenging personal privileges and commit to making the world a fairer place.
  • Finance – Bruadair members all pay a small contribution to our pot each month (which is income dependant), currently this helps pay the bills of the HQ in Newtongrange and is helping to build a bit of surplus in the co-ops bank account to fund things like printing etc.
    When you become a member you will also be asked to buy a members share of £1. You will receive a certificate and this shows that you have financial investment in Bruadair and means that you have an equal say within the co-op.
  • Radical Routes – All our members are required to attend Radical Routes gatherings.
  • Emails – We use emails as a fast way to communicate with each other and move matters along more immediately. Primarily, the email is used to send in agenda points and to convene our General meetings. We also use them as a way of communicating social events and tasks that need to be done before the next meeting and is used to get urgent consensus decisions made. We ask everyone to actively engage with this process.